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Sewing with Endometriosis

March in the Uk is Endometriosis awareness month and @sowhatifisew is hosting a month of #sewyellowforendo. This is an important subject and very close to me as it’s a condition that affects me greatly.

I thought it would be easiest to share a blog about my endometriosis, how it affect my sewing and vice versa.

Endometriosis diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 21 during emergency surgery. I suffered since my teenage years with very heavy and painful periods, so bad that I would be bed bound for days every month. I had been to my GP and put on the hormonal contraceptive pill to help my symptoms but nothing more was done and I’d never heard of Endo until the point the surgeon came to speak to me.

I feel incredibly lucky my diagnosis was so quick, the average time length of time people wait to get a diagnosis is over 7 years.

Since this diagnosis I’ve had 12 surgeries for it, clearing the endometriosis tissue, treatment for damage its caused.  

Endometriosis and Sewing

Endometriosis affects my sewing a huge amount. Due to the pain I struggle to sew for long periods of time, anything more than an a couple of hours and the next day I can be in severe pain. The fatigue the pain gives me affects my brain power so I can find processes the instructions and different techniques difficult. 

When my pain is at high levels I cant sew or function enough to do any sewing related tasks. 

So sewing with endometriosis for me is possible but I now for many its not and I also know that there’s many with endometriosis that won’t experience any issues that stop their sewing. 

Endometriosis affects all of my daily life not just sewing.

Sewing for Endometriosis

Sewing also helps me lead a better quality of life with Endo. Due to this chronic health condition and treatments my body changes on a daily basis, my waist size can vary by several inches and my tummy is very tender due to scarring etc. I do have to make accommodations for this area when I’m fitting for myself. I also prefer looser fitting styles and  elasticated waist bands. I’ve sewn quilted cases for my heat pads and hot water bottles. 

The biggest thing sewing has done to help my end is give me an escape, when I’m sewing it’s my only focus and my brain is clear, I’m not thinking of the issues with my health or my fertility. 

That’s the biggest thing for me, I find that the my fertility issues live in a deep dark hole my brain and it appears randomly when I’m watching TV and see a pregnant lady in an advert and I’m drawn into that dark sad corner of my brain. 

So thank you sewing for healing me deal with my Endometriosis.

If you’d like to know more about Endometriosis please visit Endometriosis UK and for more on Endometriosis in the sewing community see the #sewyellowforendo tag.

Happy sewing,

Samantha x


3 thoughts on “Sewing with Endometriosis”

  1. I am sorry that you have had so much difficulty with endometriosis. I am glad you have found sewing to be a way to help deal with it. Your yellow dresses and your pink shoes (what are they by the way?) radiate such a positive spirit. Thanks for sharing!


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