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Closet Core Patterns – Blanca Flight Suit Pattern Review

I also love a quick and easy project but sometimes I want a big juicy project to sink my teeth into. When Closet Core patterns (previously Closet Case patterns) released this flight suit I knew it would be a big project but I bought the pattern straight away then let it sit in my ‘to-do’ pile whilst I gathered up the confidence to sew it up. I know I have the skills to sew this to a good standard but there’s a little sewing devil that sits on my shoulder and I have to ignore it and build myself into doing these larger projects.

The pattern has two views, view A had full length sleeves and legs, a buckle belt and fastening details on the cuffs. I went with view B which had cropped legs, shorter sleeves and a tie belt.

This pattern also has two size variations, I went with the curvy pattern that is made with a D cup. I cut a size 18. The bust on the pattern was absolutely perfect and it needed zero adjustments, its so refreshing not to have to do an FBA (full bust adjustment).

The pattern is drafted to be fitted over the hips then looser after the was it which is an inch lower than your natural waist. The top does have some extra room across the front and back but this is needed for movement and comfort.

I was a very good girl and made a toile. I do highly recommend this, I think for this pattern its essential as you can’t really try it on until you’ve nearly completed it. The changes I made … I added a 1cm to the side seams over the hips, scooped the back crotch seam, shortened the leg length by one inch and removed an half an inch from the shoulder then added it to the top the sleeve head. For me, this isn’t many adjustments at all, I was so pleased.

The fabric I went with is a mid weight 7.5 oz rose pink linen from wild orchard fabrics. I originally bought the fabric for a dress but once I received it I realised it would be too heavy. As soon as a I saw this pattern I knew it would be a perfect weight.

The pattern has SIX pockets, yes six! On the chest, hip and two on the rear. Plenty of room for all your treasures and they are all a very good size. The hip pockets are lined, I used some liberty lawn for this and the inside of the waist band.

The back has a pin tuck that runs from the shoulder to the waist, its such a pretty feature, I really like the look it gives.

I did the shorter sleeves and from my toile they seemed long but after viewing a few images of other peoples on instagram and the sample images I noticed they rolled the sleeves up. I loved this look so kept them longer and rolled them up.

The zip daunted me, I used wonder tape to stick it and then basted it in. I went in fine but my top stitching is a little wonky if you look closely.

The zip has a facing on one side, I don’t think I’m super keen as it looks unbalanced on me. On my next version I think I will skip it and bind the edge on the zip instead.

I took this make slow, just a 1 or 2 hours a day over several days and it was so enjoyable and therapeutic. I’ve been very fatigued and a little unwell recently so using this method helps me keep some balance. I’m going to write a blog post detailing this in depth and I’ve got some information saved to me highlights on my instagram page.

I also made a couple of matching accessories with my fabric scraps too. a cute little costa tote (pattern from helens closet) and some hair clips.

Overall, I’m more that really happy with this pattern. I’d give it a 9.5 out of ten, once I’ve messed with that zip facing it will be a 10/10. I’ve already wore this several times, it’s super comfortable and easy to wear. If your stalling and thinking of making this, I’d say jump in and do it!

There will definitely be a denim version coming in the autumn!

Stay safe and happy sewing,

Samantha x


3 thoughts on “Closet Core Patterns – Blanca Flight Suit Pattern Review”

  1. Beautiful. Iā€™m contemplating on taking this project in. I have some midweight Elizabeth Suzann linen that might just be perfect. We seem to be slightly similar size. Would you mind sharing your measurements so I could imagine me in this beautiful pink flight suit ? šŸ˜ƒ That colour looks perfect on you. Thanks, Maija


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