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Lounge Wear Edit – Using my bullet journal to plan my sewing makes

For me, a much loved part of the sewing process is the planning. I love selecting my fabrics and sometimes planning my makes months in advance, I’m currently planning for October. They don’t always happen or they get changed several times but its all part of the fun.

Part of the planning process for me, is my sewing bullet journal. I use it for all my planning and create process lists to help me sew efficiently. I don’t always have lots of time to sew or my chronic illness prevents me, so using these lists helps me know what stage I’m on and enables me to dip in and out quickly.

I also use my journal to ‘dump’ ideas, sketch out different garments and list notions I need. The main thing I use it for is the process lists and thats the bit I’ll cover here.

My journal isn’t super fancy or hugely decorated, there’s journals out there that are so beautiful they make me envious. My main tools are a couple of pens, a mechanical pencil and a rubber. I do try and make it pretty and use a couple of colours.

The journal I use is dotted paper, this one was from tiger and it’s pretty good, the paper isn’t super high quality but normal pens don’t seep through. It also has a little pocket at the back that I use for little fabric swatches.

I have a just decorated the front with this lovely vinyl sticker from hello hinny.

Onto my lists, again they aren’t fancy, but it works.

If I haven’t made the pattern previously I will make a toile and include these in my lists. I like to include the wash/iron fabric too. I always pre-wash and this is just a little step that lets me know its done.

The next part is the process list, I sit down with the instructions and write down each step in a brief form in the order they need to be completed, as each step is completed I tick it off. I do sometimes change the order if I feel it makes more sense for me.

I keep my journal next on my desk and refer back to it all the time to check my next stages and check off the steps I’ve done, It’s very therapeutic ticking those boxes.

How do you plan your sewing?

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my journal.

Stay safe and happy sewing,

Samantha x


2 thoughts on “Lounge Wear Edit – Using my bullet journal to plan my sewing makes”

  1. Wow Sam, that’s highly organised. I have two project boxes that have current makes in. One has work in progress the next has the pattern and fabric for the next make. That’s it.


  2. I have a page at the back of my bullet journal entitled possible projects. Once I’ve managed to book in a little sewing time, I look at my list, pick a project and write a more detailed task list wherever I’m up to in my journal. It’s working quite well.


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