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The Zadie Jumpsuit

A little confession … I made this at the beginning of September and I’ve worn it several times and only just got around to photos and thought I’d throw in a blog too.

First up, lets discus the pattern. I used the zadie jumpsuit by paper theory, this isn’t my 1st rodeo with this one. I really love it, it so relaxed and a great staple. I’ve also hacked this into a dress and it works perfectly. I’ve followed this pattern as it is and have only made a couple of adjustments for fit.

My adjustments on this pattern I’ve taken 2 inches from the crotch length, added 8 inches to the tie length, I like them abut longer so I can have a pretty bow (I feel like is detracts my prominent tummy). This version has the full length sleeve and leg and it’s perfect.

The fabric I’ve used is a viscose linen noir from blackbird fabrics, it’s an absolute dream. It’s super lovely to cut and sew, it’s not too heavy or light and still some drape.

Wearing it is a dream too, the fabric feels soft on your skin yet doesn’t feel too hot or cold. The weight and drape are so lovely and suit this pattern perfectly too.

Like I said I’ve worn this several times and its ultra comfy, totally secret pyjamas. I’ve worn this on a couple of flights and train journeys recently and say I’ve never felt more comfortable.

Tell me about your secret pyjamas …?

Thanks for reading and happy sewing,

Samantha x x


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