Polka Dot Nexus Blouse

I’ve fallen in love, with a shirt, the nexus shirt by Papercut patterns to be precise.

This is the second I’ve made, the 1st was a for a minerva crafts blog that will be coming soon. for this one I shopped my stash and decided on this polka dot peach skin from rainbow fabrics. I paid £2.50pm for this dream, its slightly sheer and perfect for a blouse. I accidentally got some sharpie on it, and it wouldn’t wash out, there was only a couple of marks and with some careful cutting it worked. I circled the marks with purple trick marker so I knew where they were more visible when cutting.

For this version I used the cropped version with the sleeve cuff and boy it didn’t disappoint. The puff and volume on the sleeves is just perfect.

However, I did make a slight error when I cut the fabric with my pattern matching, I wanted the circles to appear whole under the placket but it didn’t quite work.

All is not lost though … This pattern can be worn backwards and theres no weird pattern matching there.


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